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Mistakes vs perfection for Art Daily Cafe

 Hello everyone!

This month theme is mistakes and perfection.

I`m hardly perfect in any aspect of my life and besides I don`t have to. But I do try always to do the best I can and probably that`s what you call perfectionism. I admit I only started to see it in me after I became a mother.

Mistakes are tough for me. I don`t like to make one and most of the times when it`s possible I start over.

I have always said that, mixed media changed my life even without me seeing it clearly. And mistakes became a lesson. We artists make mistakes, but we do not fear them anymore, because we know that every problem has a solution.


I haven`t made any mistake during the creation of my page, but as with every moodboard I took inspiration from it and let it lead me.

Hugs, Martina.

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