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Steampunk carafe

Добре е, че блогър промениха малко някои неща, та да открия, че имам забравен, непубликуван пост от декември миналата година!
Тази гарафа я направих, споделих в ИГ и ФБ и явно тук е останала затрупана от други постове.
Та, крайно време й беше.

До скоро!
Прегръщам ви, Мартина.

Be in the moment for Mixed Media Place

Hello everyone!
I`m sharing this altered wooden slice I created for Mixed Media Place and almost forgot to share here.
It does come with video tutorial which is on my You Tube channel already.

Products used:

Have a great day!
Hugs, Martina.

Paint Your Dreams for Mixed Media Place

Hello friends!
My inspiration often comes from just looking at colors and admiring them, but to be fair I was once the most boring person who liked only trivial colors. Mixed media showed me the amazing world of color and since then I started liking more and more shades and tones. You can actually say I have opened my eyes in a way.
Today I`ll share with you my lavender canvas combined with purple, which was one of the colors I never understood why women loved so much.

First step was to paint almost all the canvas with Impasto paint in Lavender. Then I applied thick layer of white crackle paste and before letting it dry I added my dry lavender pushing them lightly so they can be as one with the paste. I like to let the crackle paste dry on itself, so this is what I did.
After the crackles were visible and the paste was dry, I used Prima Watercolor Confections Tropicals and then Liquid Acrylic in Purple diluted with water. This gives contrast and the crackles are becoming more visible. I took Paper Paste and added here and there on the stems of the dry flowers since they were sticking out on some places. Some stamping followed on a few places, but most of them got covered later.
Next step was using Vintage Wallpaper stencil with Paper Paste and deciding where and what my focal point would be. When I decided, I applied plaster paste around the place where my photo was going to be. On top of the paste I added Mega art stones, regular art stones and Micro beads in Berry. I pushed them a little so they would stick to the paste and left them to dry overnight.
The next day I added diluted Impasto paint on the art stones. The final touch was dry brushing with white gesso, as well as dabbing with ponge with white gesso on top.
This was my process of creating.
I hope you`ll like my lavender canvas.

Be inspired and stay safe and healthy!

Hugs, Martina.

Strong Wings for Finnabair Creative Team

  Hello friends. March is already here and it seems like yesterday was New Year and Christmas. Time flies so fast! Today I`ll share with...