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Love for Art Daily Cafe

 Hello art journaling fellows!


This month I have the honor to be hosting the theme here and February should be all about love, right.

But I think that every day of every month, should be about love.

About love for ourselves.

About love for our families.

Love for all our close friends and relatives.

Love for all humans, animals, nature, world.

To love is divine. And it`s not just the pink color and the hearts.

It`s the little things that make us smile and enjoy the moment. The things that will give us strength when we loose our faith and the things that will pull us up and force us to see the love in all its blinding glory.

 I choose to love. The rest doesn`t matter.

Hugs, Martina.

Look for the magic for Finnabair CT

 Hello everyone!

This month my project took turn to vintage, old walls feeling.

I wanted to re-create the old peeled walls with romantic feel.

I used some Prima flowers, Mechanicals and Impasto in Victorian Green. This shade of green reminds me so much of the colors from my childhood, when me and my sister spent some time in the summer with my grandmother in the country. Precious memories.

 New Sepia wax was a good ally too.

When I use the new antiquing waxes I spread them all over and before they can dry, I use wet wipe to clean the top of the surface I`m using.

I think this way they give depth and they look more natural.

 On this project I played with my background more than usually and I think I managed to achieve the look I was going for – vintage, shabby and nicely worn out.

 I love all Finn`s pastes and for me it`s always hard to use just one. So I combine them. The texture they create together is just awesome.

When I was making my tags with the new waxes I used Plaster paste as a base for stamping. I did the same here.

The thick paste creates nice layer and it`s easy to stamp on it. It gives different texture then stencils and probably most importantly, it doesn`t damage the stamp. 

Hugs, Martina.

With Painted Wings - canvas for Finnabair CT

 Hello everyone!

So the new Finnabair release is out and you can already buy the new flakes at Mixed Media Place.

This is my canvas that I created with the Paris Flakes.

They are a mix of blue, purple and black flakes. Absolutely stunning!

If you can get your hands on them I highy suggest you to buy at least two of the colors.

And by the way they are nicely named with the names of some of the biggest and most popular cities in the world. I must say that I really like this idea.

What are your thoughts?

Hugs, Martina.

Tags with NEW Finnabair waxes and glitter

It`s exciting time friends! New products are here and you know we love new products.

These new waxes must have some kind of magic in them because I love how my tags came out. I love Finnabair waxes since the day the first ones were on the market, but this time they are different.

I used them by covering all with the chosen color wax and then started immediately to wipe off with a baby wipe. Just do this on sections so you can avoid drying before the wiping part.

You know when furniture gets old, it gets dark in the cracks and the deeper parts and higher places are always lighter. That`s what I wanted to achieve. And it worked as a charm. I`m enchanted.

Be sure to try at least two of the 4 new waxes, because I think you`ll love them as much as I did.

Strong Wings for Finnabair Creative Team

  Hello friends. March is already here and it seems like yesterday was New Year and Christmas. Time flies so fast! Today I`ll share with...