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Life is a moment for Finnabair Creative Team

Hello everyone!

I`m into sea theme these last few weeks and naturally this affects my Finnabir`s project as well.

I wanted to create something. Not the standard canvas or card or tag.

And trying to figure out my possibilities I came up with the idea of a life belt.

The hard part which you won`t see in the video tutorial was cutting the two cardboard pieces. But with enough patience and consistency it happened.


Interesting enough was also that when my project was all done and ready I found that sticker “Life is a moment” and I just couldn`t pass it. It all interlaced together  perfectly.

Life belt as sign that life is a moment. The safety net to catch you. All the things that protect our lives when we are enjoying  the water in the summertime. 

Products used:

I`m wishing you happy crafting.

Hugs, Martina.

Mistakes vs perfection for Art Daily Cafe

 Hello everyone!

This month theme is mistakes and perfection.

I`m hardly perfect in any aspect of my life and besides I don`t have to. But I do try always to do the best I can and probably that`s what you call perfectionism. I admit I only started to see it in me after I became a mother.

Mistakes are tough for me. I don`t like to make one and most of the times when it`s possible I start over.

I have always said that, mixed media changed my life even without me seeing it clearly. And mistakes became a lesson. We artists make mistakes, but we do not fear them anymore, because we know that every problem has a solution.


I haven`t made any mistake during the creation of my page, but as with every moodboard I took inspiration from it and let it lead me.

Hugs, Martina.

Strong Wings for Finnabair Creative Team

  Hello friends. March is already here and it seems like yesterday was New Year and Christmas. Time flies so fast! Today I`ll share with...