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Read Between The Lines for Art Daily Cafe

Hello everyone!
Today I`ll share with you new spread in my art journaling book.
Our theme this month is: Read between the lines.

We can`t see the invisible, but most time we can feel it. Every meaning, every unsaid word stays somewhere and most times finds it`s way out. 
I`m using art journaling as a therapy to channel all of this out. Or most of it. 
And if I done it right, you can see and understand what drove me to create.
This is my understanding of reading between the lines and I`m curious to know (and even better - to see) - what`s yours?

Hugs, Martina.


Your Life Is Your Creation for Finnabair CT

Hello everyone!

Falling leaves, rain and sporadic bursts of sunshine weather has officially arrived.

I adore fall. And I don`t know about you but my summer was busy-busy and I`m glad it`s over.

My time has arrived when I can focus again in my scrap corner and do what I love most.

 This month I choose to make a canvas as inspiration for you.

With purple colors and a little spider web on it. Probably the closest to spooky that I will get to.

And even though  I`m not into sculls, bones and the full pack of Halloween witchcraft, I did improvise and came up with my  interpretation of it. I hope you`ll be interested and like it.

 As usual my project comes with video tutorial for it and I invite you to watch it.

Products used:

 Hugs, Martina.

Childhood for Art Daily Cafe

 Hello everyone!

The sweet, pastel colors of this month moodboard took me back in my childhood.

When the days were long and playing outside never ending.

I remember we played outside until late at night because the building we lived in was large, there were a lot of kids on the same age and it was safe.

We all knew each other and it was easy to gather together and play.

My art journal page is from earlier time though.

I always wanted to use this photo in some of my projects.

My page is simple as my childhood was. Careless, free of responsibilities and unforgettable.

 I hope you`ll feel a bit of my inspiration through my page and create something that will bring your own childhood in your mind.

Be inspired!

Hugs, Martina.

Strong Wings for Finnabair Creative Team

  Hello friends. March is already here and it seems like yesterday was New Year and Christmas. Time flies so fast! Today I`ll share with...