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Lucky Road - Album In Denim


Вероятно някои от вас помнят старите албуми за снимки с тънка оризова хартия пред всяка страничка и ъгълчета за закрепяне на снимките. Такъв албум, само че по-малък поиска да й направя една моя съученичка от гимназията. И естествено аз съм винаги ЗА предизвикателство. Имах свобода относно корицата. Единствено трябваше да има морска нотка в нея. 

И така се роди албум с корица от дънки.

Дано ви хареса!

Прегръщам ви, Мартина.

Feed your soul - tags for Finnabair CT

 Hello everyone!

The summer goes so quickly this year. It started a bit late for us here, but it gave it`s best with the heat wave these last two weeks. There`s so much stuff that must be done and I can`t seem to find the right time.

But naturally I`m always returning to my happy crafty little corner where I can lose myself creating and feed my soul.

 This month I choose to create tags. Messy, textured and full of not only Finn`s products, but with scrap pieces of fabrics too.

I like it when you can throw some scraps, add some metal embellishments and flowers and leave the rest to the imagination. It makes me feel so so good to just put things together without a  thought. Without  thinking if something is crooked or about the composition. Just follow the process and trust it.

 I never know what the end result will be, if it`s going to be pretty or not and while creating I change my mind and add or replace elements. But I always start with idea. This time it was the jeans fabric. I wanted to use it on a project, since I was having leftovers.

For the other tag I just looked in my fabric scraps drawer and chose some leftovers too.

 I wanted the tags to match together, but to be different in the same time and I think it worked.

They complement each other so well.

 Finn`s new stencils are always, always a good addition to any project. And it`s hard to choose when you must pick only two ... but they look perfect on tags, don`t you think?

Hugs, Martina.

Strong Wings for Finnabair Creative Team

  Hello friends. March is already here and it seems like yesterday was New Year and Christmas. Time flies so fast! Today I`ll share with...