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Сватбена картичка в червено и златисто?


Червения цвят и аз имаме история. Аз много се страхувах от него и го избягвах умишлено много дълго време. Но микс медия ми показа колко ужасно съм грешила. И за това боите, пастите и цветята винаги ще са моя страст.

А това е картичка за сватба. Да, в червено и златно! И за мен беше нещо ново, но пък тези два цвята толкова се обичат!

Сега разбирате защо обичам предизвикателства.

Wedding envelope for Craft O`Clock

Ето че съм забравила да пусна публикацията за този плик с хартиите на Craft O`Clock.
Много снимки и близки планове на моят нежен, розов плик за сватба.

Прегръщам ви, Мартина.

Choose to shine for Finnabair CT

Hello everyone!

It`s time for me to inspire you and create.

This time I choose to alter a brush. Not small one like I did a year ago, this time I wanted to alter big 4 inch brush. When you alter a bigger brush you have a lot more space to cover and embellish. So it was nice to try this out for a first time.

And I can tell that I will alter more in the future, because I enjoyed creating this one.

 Pink and gold is classic combo so as a first attempt for this large brush it was a good idea.

This large piece of chipboard from Finn`s latest release was the perfect shape to fit my alteration. And adding small bits and accents here and there made my composition complete.

 I want to try and make darker brush and one more in white too. It is a bit addictive, I can tell you that much. So expect more of these beauties in the future. 

And here is a list with the products I used: 

Hugs, Martina

Strong Wings for Finnabair Creative Team

  Hello friends. March is already here and it seems like yesterday was New Year and Christmas. Time flies so fast! Today I`ll share with...